Crystallization Processes and Mechanisms

This project focuses on crystallography, crystal growth, and defects in crystals and encompasses two main directions: (1) polymorphism and phase transformations in molecular crystals and (2) mechanisms of crystal growth from various media with the emphasis on crystallization from solutions in the presence of additives and impurities. This includes crystal structure modifications, analysis of phase equilibria, growth kinetics, incorporation, and creation of defects for different types of additives ranging from ions and molecules to macromolecules and macroscopic particles. Recent areas of research include: theoretical analysis of crystal growth inhibition mechanisms; L-cystine growth inhibition by tailor-made additives and new therapies for cystinuria; formation of growth actuated bent, curved, and twisted crystals; polymorphism of molecular crystals through crystallization from the melt; crystallization with macromolecular additives: Adsorption, growth modification, and incorporation; growth ordering of building blocks and desymmetrization of solid solutions; solution mediated recrystallization processes.