A complete list of instruments available in the Molecular Design Institute (MDI) can be found here.

MDI members share access to the NYU Center for Soft Matter Research and its Colloid Synthesis Facility, the Biomaterials and Biomimetics Facility in the College of Dentistry and regional facilities such as the New York Structural Biology Center, Brookhaven National Laboratory and the Advanced Photon Sources (APS) of Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)

The Department of Chemistry Shared Instrument Facility (SIF) houses core instrumentation, including:

NMR spectrometers (2-400, 500, 600 MHz)

Bruker single-crystal diffractometer

Bruker powder microdiffractometer with GADDS

Siemens D-500 high resolution powder diffractometer

Circular dichroism spectropolarimeter


Electrospray and gas-chromatography mass spectrometers

FT-infrared spectrometer


UV-VIS spectrophotometer


Isothermal titration calorimeters

Zeiss Merlin scanning electron microscope with EDS

Horiba ellipsometer

Leica scanning confocal microscope with a white light laser source.

The MDI facility contains

UV-VIS and infrared spectrometers

Three atomic force microscopes

Optical microscopes with temperature-controlled stages

Langmuir-Blodgett troughs

Differential scanning calorimeter

Thermal gravimetric analyzer

Gel-permeation chromatographs

4-photoelastic modulator Mueller matrix polarimeter

Mueller matrix imaging polarimeter

CCD-based Stokes imaging camera

Single molecule imaging microscope

Electrochemistry workstation

Electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance

Materials Studio suite for molecular and crystal modeling