past group members (and current positions)

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Graduate Students

Juan Wang (M.S., Minnesota, 1992; Dow Chemical)
Thesis: A Quartz Resonator-Based Study of the pH Dependent Behavior of Amphoteric Polymer Films and Self-assembled Thiol Monolayers

Hei-ku Park (w/ W. Smyrl; Ph.D., Minnesota, 1992; Keimyung University, Daegu, Korea)
Thesis: Intercalation Processes in Thin Electroactive Materials

Alex Katz (M.S., Minnesota, 1994; Cal Tech Ph. D.; Universite’. Louis Pasteur postdoc; faculty, Chem. Eng., Berkeley)
Thesis: A Quartz Resonator-based Rheometer for the Dynamic Investigation of Viscoelastic Films

Shulong Li (Ph.D., Minnesota, 1993, Milliken Research)
Thesis: Conductive Polymer Fibers and Low Dimensional Organic Crystals

Lynn M. Frostman (Ph.D., Minnesota,1995; Baker Chemical)
Thesis: Growth of Molecular Crystals on Functionalized Monolayers

Andrew Hillier (Ph.D., Minnesota, 1995; faculty, Chem. Eng., U. Virginia; faculty, Chem. Eng., Iowa State)
Thesis: Assembly of Crystalline Molecular Lattices on Highly Ordered Substrates

Victoria Russell (Ph.D., Minnesota, 1995; Eli Lilly postdoc; 3M)
Thesis: Hydrogen-bonding and Control of Molecular Packing in the Organic Solid State with Implications for Materials Design

Christopher Yip (Ph.D., Minnesota, 1997; faculty, Chem. Eng., U. Toronto)
Thesis: Molecular Self-Assembly at Interfaces: From Crystallization to Protein-Ligand Binding

Zuxuan Lin (Ph. D., Minnesota, 1996; Seagate)
Thesis: Characteristics and Applications of the Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Liquid Media

Cara Evans (Ph. D., Minnesota, 1998, UCSB postoc, Nestle, Lausanne)
Thesis: Confinement of Dyes in Nanometer-Scale Domains

Wei Wei Lee (Ph.D., Minnesota, 1999; Start up company, CA)
Thesis: Structural Study of Vanadium Pentoxide Sols, Gels, and Xerogels

Julie Last (Ph.D., Minnesota, 1999, Sandia, New Mexico)
Thesis: Design and Fabrication of Crystalline Molecular Monolayers

Dan Hooks (Ph.D., Minnesota, 2000, Los Alamos, New Mexico)
Thesis: Epitaxial Nucleation and Growth of Molecular Films

Adam M. Pivovar (Ph.D., Minnesota, 2000, NIST)
Thesis: The Dynamic Behavior and Inclusion Selectivity of Guanidinium Organodisulfonate Host Lattices

Eric P. Codner (Ph.D., Minnesota, 2001, Startup company, Madison, WI)
Thesis: Simultaneous Spectroscopic and Adhesion Measurements with a Tandem IR-JKR Instrument

David Plaut (Ph.D., Minnesota, 2003; 3M)
Thesis: Structural Characterization of Crystalline Ternary Inclusion Compounds at the Air-Water Interface

Taesung Jung (BK-21 visiting student, Seoul National University, 2003 – 2004)
Project title: Atomic Force Microscopy of Calcium Oxalate Crystal Growth

Sidartha Mohapatra (w/ C. D. Frisbie; M. S., Minnesota, 2004, OrganicID, Austin, TX)
Thesis: Stuctural, Morphological, and Electrical Characterization of Thin Films of Novel Organic Semiconductors

Stephen A. Martin (Ph.D., Minnesota, 2004, MIT, postdoc; faculty member, University of Virginia)
Thesis: Structure and Properties of Organic Materials Reinforced by Hydrogen Bonding

Xiaoxia Sheng (Ph.D., Minnesota, 2004, MIT, postdoc; (Abbot, SoliPharma LLC, Hangzhou, China))
Thesis: Probing Crystal Growth and Adhesion Processes at the Molecular Level

Jeong-Myeong Ha (Ph.D., Minnesota, 2006, Berkeley, postdoc; KIST, Seoul, Korea)
Thesis: Crystallization, Polymorphism and Reactivity in Nanoscale Reactors

Sang-Jae Park (M. S. 2005, Minnesota, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Thesis: Reinforced Hexagonal Networks of Hydrogen-bonded Nanotubes

Jinsoo Kim (KOSEF visiting student, Seoul National University, 2004 – 2005)
Project title: Inclusion-based Separations of Molecular Isomers and Chiral Compounds

Matthew J. Horner (Ph.D., Minnesota, 2006; W. L. Gore & Associates)
Thesis: Lamellar-Cylindrical Isomerism at Short Length Scales

Brian Olmsted (Ph.D., Minnesota, 2010; Electrical Engineering, Minnesota)
Thesis: Tandem Computational and Experimental Combinatorics for Controlled Crystallization of Polymorphs

Elisey Yagodkin (Ph.D. student, University of Minnesota)
Thesis: Organic Transport Materials for Field Effect Transistors

Airon Soegiarto (Ph.D., Minnesota, 2010; Singapore, Import/Export)
Thesis: Crystalline Hydrogen-bonded Frameworks

Benjamin Hamilton (Ph.D., Minnesota, 2009; Mustang Engineering)
Thesis: Crystallization in Nanoscale Reactors

Yuzhou Liu (Ph.D, NYU, 2011; Milliken Corporation)
Thesis: Rationally Tailoring Free Space within Hydrogen-bonded Frameworks by Designed Molecular Features

Pengcheng Song (Ph.D, NYU, 2015; Co-founder & CTO at
Thesis: From micron to nano: Crystallization of colloid particles that mimic molecular crystals

Zina Zhu  (Ph.D. NYU, 2013; postdoc, MIT; Milliken Corporation, Shanghai)
Thesis: Rational Design of Crystal Growth Inhibitors for Treatment of Cystinuria Kidney Stones

Wenchang Xiao (Ph.D., NYU, graduated 2015, startup, China)
Thesis: Structures and Properties of Designer Hydrogen Bonded Frameworks

Qi Jiang (Ph.D., NYU, 2015, Boehringer Ingelheim)
Thesis:  Manipulating Crystallization: From Nanoscopic to Microscopic

Laura Poloni (Ph.D., NYU, 2016, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada)
Thesis: Site Discrimination by Molecular Imposters at Dissymmetric Molecular Crystal Surfaces

Xiao Zhong (Ph.D., NYU, 2017, Lux Research)
Thesis: Self-Assembly at the Colloidal Scale

Isabel Olson (Ph.D., NYU, 2018, Gilead Sciences)
Thesis: Simulations of Screw Dislocations in Molecular Crystals

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Phillip Carter (1991 – 93, Nalco)
Project: Regulating Heterogeneous Crystallization and Polymorphism Through Substrate Design

Mamoun Bader (1993 – 1994, faculty, United Arab Emirates; faculty, Penn State, Hazleton)
Project: Molecular Interfaces for Controlled Nucleation of Organic Crystals

Michael Dvorak (1993 – 1994, faculty, Chemistry, St. Cloud State University)
Project: Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Organic Conductors and Superconductors

Kelly Moran (1992 – 1993, postdoc, Bristol, UK)
Project: Vanadium Oxide Energy Storage Materials

Joachim Hossick-Schott (1994 – 1995, Medtronic, Minneapolis)
Project: Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Organic Nanocrystals

Salvatore Bonafede (1994 – 1995, NRL)
Project: Regulating Polymorphism Through Ledge-Directed Epitaxy on Crystal Substrates

Guangzhao Mao (1995 – 1996, faculty, Chem. Eng., Wayne State University)
Project: Probing Crystallization of a Photographic Dye through Real-time in situ Atomic Force Microscopy

Tim Stoebe (1996 – 1998, Seagate, Minneapolis)
Project: Superspreading Surfactants

A. Mannivanan (1996 – 1997, research associate, Univ. West Virginia)
Project: Epitaxial Crystalline Organic Films

Wenjie Li (1996–1997, Herbalife, California)
Project: Pillared Hydrogen-bonded Host Frameworks

Melanie Sullivan (1998 – 1999, Roche, Indianapolis, IN)
Project Topic: Combinatorial Electrode Arrays for Optimizing Chiral Electrocatalysis

Jennifer Swift (1997 – 1999 (faculty, Chemistry, Georgetown)
Project Topic: Design of Crystalline Host Frameworks

Mike Vela (1998 – 1999 (high school instructor, Boston)
Project: Nanoscale Energy Storage Materials

Travis Holman (1999 – 2001, faculty, Chemistry, Georgetown)
Project: Symmetry and Metric Control in Hydrogen-bonded Host Frameworks

Christine Mitchell (2000 – 2001, SSCI, West Lafayetter, IN)
Project: Regulating Polymorphism of Pharmaceutical Crystals with Crystal-on-Crystal Epitaxy

Shouwu Guo (2000 – 2002, postdoc, Northwestern University, Evanston)
Project: Direct Visualization of Calcium Oxalate Crystallization with Real-time in situ Atomic Force Microscopy

Radu Custelcean (2000 – 2002, Oak Ridge)
Project: Introducing Chirality in Crystalline Hydrogen-bonded Frameworks

Brian Holmes (2002 – 2004, Dean, The National Intelligence University, Anthony G. Oettinger School of Science and Technology Intelligence)
Project: Synthesis of Organic Transport Molecules for Field Effect Transistors

Sang-Ok Lee (Department of Defense, Seoul, Korea)
Project: Enantioselective Separations via Self-assembly of Hydrogen-bonded Host Frameworks

IlWon Kim (Soongsil University, Korea, Chemical Engineering, faculty)
Project: Crystal Growth in Kidney Stones: Pathological Mineralization

Sam Hawxwell (2007 – 2008)
Project: Adjustable Molecular Capsules

Galia Mayaan (Technion, Chemistry, faculty)
Project: Peptidomimetic Assemblies

Jeffrey Rimer (University of Houston, Chemical Engineering, faculty)
Project: Crystal Aggregation in Kidney Stones: Pathological Mineralization

Zhihua An (NYU, clinical faculty)
Project: Crystal Aggregation in Kidney Stones: Pathological Mineralization

Daniele Musumeci (CUNY, York University, Chemistry, faculty)
Project: Amorphous-to-Crystalline Transitions in Organic Solids

David Ehre (Wiezmann Institute, research scientist)
Project: Crystallization in Levitated Microdroplets

Trina Mandal (NYU, clinical faculty)
Project: Nanoscale Adhesion at Crystal Surfaces

Stephanie Lee (Stevens Institute of Technology, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, faculty)
Project: Colloidal Particle Assembly under Electric Fields

David Connors (Georgia State, lecturer)
Project: Molecular Solid State Frameworks

Takuji Adachi (University of Strasbourg)
Project: Molecular Solid State Frameworks and Crystal Growth Dynamics

Ran Drori (Yeshiva University)
Project: Regulation of Ice Nucleation with Biomimetic Molecules using Microfluidics

Marcel Handke (startup)
Project: Molecular Solid State Frameworks